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"Milly has created a truly safe space for all levels to workout. The group are all really fun, there's no egos and the exercises are as tough as you want to make them which I really appreciate. Milly takes time to understand each member's fitness, ailments and abilities and always modifies without prompt. Since joining her sessions I have felt so strong, and my fitness has improved. I've also made some awesome friends, you cannot beat it!!"

Beachfit, 2024

"Milly is a perfect fitness instructor - cheerful and kind, she changes the exercises all the time so you never know what's coming & she uses the landscape and beach that is just sooo beautiful. Everyone is friendly and all levels are looked after and have enough of a challenge so beginners to the mega fit can all work together but with different weights or distances etc.."

Lucy 2024

"Thank you Milly. Your sessions were perfectly pitched and you went out your way to personalise the exercises according to my needs. It was fun and I loved the location too. Would absolutely recommend you to anyone and I’ll be back!"

1:1 PT Client 2024

"Would happily recommend Milly and her Beachfit sessions to anyone looking to exercise outdoors. Her sessions cater for all levels of fitness and she is super knowledgeable, motivating and fun. Working out on the beach is a bonus.

I went along whilst on holiday in Cornwall for 2 weeks and loved it! I will definitely sign up again when we visit again.

Thanks again Milly."

Sarah 2022

"It's a fantastic way to either compliment your current training or for beginners to get you started. You can have an easy workout or push yourself depending on level of skill or how tried you are feeling. Although classes are sometimes 8+ people it still feels like a perosnal training class and the instructor tailors your workout to your level. I like to be pushed so Milly adapts the challenges around this."

Beachfitter 2022

“I'm so pleased that I took the step to have personal trainer fitness sessions with you.  I have really enjoyed being outside all year round.  I always feel like I've worked hard and am re-energised."

Heather (1:1 client)

“Finding your Beachfit class was my favourite thing about Cornwall this year and that's saying something. You were so brilliant with me, adjusting everything to my level and pushing me when I needed it.  I can't wait to come back.”​
Emma (Beachfit)

“My upper body strength is improving.  I'd neglected it myself so it's great to focus on it again.  You are great at pushing individuals within a group session.  I love the sand bags for weights and will definitely keep coming through winter.”​
Ellie (Beachfit)

"There is nothing better than working out outside. It makes you feel calm and connected with the world. It feels less like dragging yourself to the end of a workout, and more like a holistic experience. It's basically taking time out of real life to look after your body and mind. Beachfit is the perfect place to get stronger and fitter in a safe environment with a knowledgable and inspiring trainer. Everyone is welcome, and whatever your fitness level, you'll get pushed to improve."

Beachfitter 2022

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