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World Menopause Day

This day was created to continue to raise awareness and highlight options available for our health and well-bring particularly as women navigate through this period.

As an exercise professional I feel that the whole subject is becoming more openly discussed but the specific way exercise can aid this period of our lives needs highlighting.

Exercise specifically aids us by building and maintaining strength and muscle mass, which otherwise will naturally decline as we age.

Resistance training increases bone density which is so important to protect against the development of osteoporosis.

We work on balance, coordination and general mobility which declines without looking after and working on it.

Exercise can help to alleviate the dreaded brain fog. Combine this with the community of group exercise (specifically the awesome Beachfit lot) and the benefits of being outdoors and you havea great tool in your belt.

Exercise is hugely important for cardiovascular health (helps to maintain a healthy weight, improves cholesterol levels, reduce type 2 diabetes risk).

Exercise helps with sleep….

Exercise helps with cognitive function…. Especially when you have to work out the silly games which I set people to do and then I only half explain.

There are actually many more ways in which exercise helps us through menopause.. but this post is getting very long….

Needless to say it really is hugely important. And it is never too late to start.

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