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Why we should get out in the rain.

Unusually this week has brought the rain. We have got so used to being warm and dry I have to say it came as a little surprise!

Some people may think – why bother – why not just postpone and my answer is this.

For me it is moving us out of our comfortable, convenient lives for a mini adventure. It builds resilience and connection. Moving outside teaches us how the environment ‘feels’. As adults it is too easy just to avoid and then it becomes a barrier for everything that is out there. There is a reason why we increasingly encourage our children to do outdoor play in all weathers and how much they benefit from it. We should then focus on not moving away from this in adulthood.

I think everyone should try it – let me know how you feel after when you are back indoors with a cup of tea! I am sure you will feel uplifted and glad you gave it a go.

You will however need to come prepared…. a change of clothes for after, a rain coat, layers, spare shoes and a good attitude.

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