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Why do we exercise?

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Some people exercise because they always have and always will do. Some people know they should but don't, some people aren't even sure why they should bother. Some people exercise to try to lose weight, others do it as it makes them feel great. But why should we really exercise? What benefits does it have? Over the next few weeks I will dive into some of the many amazing benefits that exercise has.

Overall though the overwhelmingly blooming important reason is the benefits to your general health.

- help maintain a healthy weight

- reduce blood pressure

- reduce risk of heart disease

- help your body manage blood sugar and insulin levels

- improve your mental health

- strengthen your muscles and bones

- increase your energy levels

- reduce risk of chronic disease

The list goes on. I think of exercise as a way to give my body a helping hand in life, my responsibility to look after what I have. My job as a personal trainer and group exercise coach is to help you to find ways to being exercise to your life. To feel stronger and able. Finding what works for you. How it makes you feel? How you can fit it into your life.

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