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What kind of a coach am I?

My aim is overall fitness for everyone and with groups kept to no bigger than 12 I want everyone to feel that their fitness is being progressed so it is a bit like small group personal training.

I appreciate that everyone who attends have different goals and are at different stages. I try to encourage people to move forwards with their fitness over time – increasing their mobility, strength and their cardiovascular fitness. For instance those who are passionate about pounding the trails away from Beachfit I will actively push (encourage) them to work hard on intervals for instance and steadily increase the difficulty in their strength work.

For those just setting out, I like to encourage a gradual progression where the journey is to keep moving forwards but at a manageable pace where it is enjoyable to them. Don’t get me wrong I will aim to eek out a little more each session whilst doing this.

I understand that we Beachfitters are mostly women and our hormones at different stages will affect how we feel day to day, week to week and to work with this. Some days might just be about moving you know.

I like performance and I like everyone to achieve. I might sneak in an extra scoop of sand in your bag but understand that you might not be feeling it and take it out again if that is apparent!

I have you working across all planes of movement, using equipment when needed and ensuring a balance of work throughout each block. Pushing, pulling, squatting, hingeing, power, speed, steady state cardio, harder intervals….. and more.

I know that mobility is hugely important and always start the session off with 5 minutes. However I know that I am impatient so will do 3 minutes mindfully and then probably 2 minutes more like a part of the workout!

I like to try to get to know and understand everyone’s overall current fitness and movement as much as possible and understand their strengths and weaknesses and where possible support this.

I love the beach and the opportunities it provides for keeping workouts interesting and providing an awesome view for when the session is getting hard.

So much to say and this is not touching on my drive to get people outside – in all weathers – to feel alive and connected!

The best way to find out is to ask people who come along already or even better, come to a few sessions to find out for yourself.

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