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Trying New Things

This month I did something that I would normally have shied away from. Generally, my habit is to say 'no' because I am nervous of disappointment or the anxiety of doing the 'thing' eats me up or the pressure to perform in a way I feel I should is enough to put me off. This time I decided to challenge those thoughts and give it a go. The 'thing' this time was a race in an oc1 (see photo). I travelled with my partner and friends to Wales and truly surprised myself. I was lucky really too as the conditions turned to my favour in the last bit of the race and I worked my socks off and I was able to catch up with some of the amazing ladies ahead of me.

I placed 3rd and came away feeling proud of myself - mostly for the fact that I gave it a go in the first place. The location was an absolute mission to get to from Cornwall and the childcare juggle always raises a bit of guilt BUT it was great fun and I discovered a part of beautiful Wales I would perhaps not have seen otherwise. I also met some wonderful women and feel inspired.

It has got me into thinking that as a group we can achieve so much. My aim is to support this for more people. To open up adventures that you may not have tried otherwise. Adventures that with a bit of encouragement and a lot of moral support can be achieved.

Exciting times ahead.

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