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Strength Outdoors

Updated: Mar 27

We hopefully all recognise now that strength training is important.  Especially as we age but ideally as a lifetime pursuit.


Mainly because it builds and strengthens our muscles and it also helps to strengthen our bones. It aids us to do the every day things that we often take for granted.  It has a strong crossover into improved performance in your sport and can help with injury prevention.

As we age, we naturally lose muscle mass and strength (sarcopenia) but this can be preventable and even reversible with resistance exercises.

What should we do? Where do we even start?

We all need to do some form of resistance training.  What you are trying to achieve will dictate where this takes you.

My take on it.

Everyone can move.  We are all starting in different places. Some people may have been doing some form of strength for years – so with Beachfit we look to see where we can improve on this, maintain and build on the work that has been done.

Then there is a whole scale of levels of fitness and strength.  There are many people who have never done any strength training or nothing consistently.  They may have aches and pains.  There may be limitations.  But there will be a way to move forward.  You can improve, you can find what works for you. 

Then you will stick to it, get stronger, move well, have fun, safely and in a beautiful environment (even when it is raining!).

Consistency and always looking forward whilst understanding where you are at is key.

For me personally, I have to remember why I am doing it to ensure that I keep it up.  Although I do enjoy strength training, I am often time poor (life!) and my first instinct when I do have time is to get outside, grab my board or go for a run to get fresh air or in the sea. 

So, I started Beachfit with that in mind - to help combine the love of exercising outdoors and getting strength and conditioning training in at the same time. 

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