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Should we still exercise as we get older?

Updated: May 3

Well, I think you should be sitting down a bit more, get some good slippers……. Hold on … what!?

This is what I believed 20+ years ago.  It is even hard for me sometimes to get out of that mind-set now.

However, we should aim to stay active for as long as we can.  Looking after our bodies as much as is possible to enable a mobile and fit progress through the decades.   Yes, care should be taken to do this safely but the saying if you don’t use it, you lose it is very real.

What about if you haven’t exercised in a very long time – should you bother starting? 

Absolutely yes.  Find something that you enjoy, find a buddy to encourage and perhaps join in with you and keep doing it until it becomes a habit.  You will reap the rewards.

If you can add some resistance training into the mix then that would be the icing on the cake.

So, the time is now.  Don’t stop, keep moving and remember there is no time like the present.

I have trained people well into their 70s and see people in their 80s who through active living have shown what is possible.  It also goes without saying that some of the fittest people I know are in their 50s and beyond.  I don’t believe enough research even exists to show what can be possible.  It is inspiring.

Life may throw its curveballs at you of course but having a great base will aid you here too and we are reminded that exercise is indeed a privilege.  When life does allow – grab those moments of opportunity, find the movement you love and be consistent.  Perhaps even get yourself down to the beach and join a super bunch of women at Beachfit!

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