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Outdoor Fitness - It's more than just a workout

In the mid winter if you have never done Outdoor Fitness, you may question what on earth these people are doing working out on the beach, in the wind, the mizzle, the cold.  Perhaps you are there on the beach yourself questioning what got you there in the first place!

But here is the thing…. if only I could bottle it… it is that post outdoor workout feeling. 

How when you get home, your skin is glowing, you are warm and your body feels like it has moved.  You feel alive. Your mind a little more settled. When you are exercising, you are considering the movement but also feeling the weather, seeing the beauty.  When the warmth of the winter sun hits you it feels extra special.  It is the feeling of being a little wild. It takes you to a different place.  It is itself a mini adventure out of your life and we all need more of those.

It is hard to describe exactly and each session is so different and perhaps that is just it.

I hear you all talk about it.  I know you know what I mean. It is a wonderful thing and I am grateful to share it with so many.

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