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Exercising in Winter

Down on ‘our’ glorious beach, where the weather can change quickly, coming prepared is key for it to be enjoyable and to avoid the feeling of being ‘caught out’.

My top tips… invest in a small waterproof bag. Even better one that can be worn as a rucksack. They are great to put your personal items in and not worry about them getting wet and / or sandy. The wind is something we also have to consider.

In this bag, I would also have a waterproof jacket, an extra layer (or 5 in my case), gloves, a hat and a buff (for wearing around your neck or your ears). I also love my waterproof trousers but not everyone finds they need these.

If you are extra jazzy, you could keep a little towel for those impromptu dips, your bottle of water and maybe even a flask of tea.

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