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Beachfit Sports Day 2023

Not to let the school children have all the fun, the Beachfit Sports Day was written in to the summer calendar.

A great turn out, sunny weather and a lot of fun. So brilliant to laugh, be a bit silly and competitive all at the same time.

Themed the ‘Big 5’, we had Traditional (sack race, egg and spoon, wheelbarrow racing), Last man standing (30 second sprints up the dune, each round knocking out the lowest person), Tug of war, Water race and Obstacle course.

Working in teams, everyone raised their game. Some outstanding egg and spooning from Louise and epic dune work from speedy Ellie and Rachel with Leana hot on their feet. The tug of war brought out the warrior mode that most tend to keep simmering low down. It really brought out some competitive roars and there was some debating on the win. Another session needs to be had I think.

The water race was very amusing, with some stealth ‘cheaty’ tactics not going under the radar but the true winners filled their buckets first.

The obstacle race with scramble net, water feature and tyre flips finished the session off nicely.

I got a drenching at the prize giving and a dip was much appreciated after as was the cup of tea at The Cove café. You can find a clip of what went on social media.

Beachfit Olympics next year I think……

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