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Adventure and Fun in Every Day Life

Updated: May 22

What constitutes adventure? An exciting or unusual experience.  A bold and usually risky undertaking.

Well, at Beachfit the risk is mitigated or else I would be in trouble but what is important is to bring ourselves out of our comfort zone and into the outdoor world.

This winter, we have certainly all done that.  Wet and windy days are usually when you hibernate and pop the kettle on but committing to outdoor exercise ensures that we get ourselves out the front door and out into the elements.  Getting drenched to the core or running along a wild and empty beach with the wind pushing you back at every step.

At this time of year, it can be a different challenge with the heat but we are there getting it done.  You may even be more inclined to head to the sea for a dip after where otherwise you may not have done so.

Perhaps the sight of the dune of dreams (or dune of doom for some) is enough to send shivers down your spine but how wonderful you will feel when you have accomplished it.  You may even chose to roll down instead of run!

We tend to move away from the spirit of adventure in life as we get older and hold more responsibility.  We certainly often need to be reminded to have a little fun.

So how do exercise and adventure go together?  My hope is that by committing to getting to the beach to exercise on a regular basis is that you will not only become physically fitter and stronger, you will also be more resilient to whatever nature throws at us.  It becomes a sense of achievement just turning up.  You will find that you experience so much more that life has to offer.

The fun is brought by a little silliness now and then.  The humour between each other when things get tough.

Really my hope is that every session feels like a mini adventure and in time we will plan some proper big adventures that we can all get involved with.

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