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A Plank A Day....

The first term of the year is under our belts and in every session we have worked on improving our planks.  Concentrating on perfecting them, increasing the length of time in plank and being diligent with it.

The results were great with so many people nailing the 2 minute plank by week 6.

So why do it?

Planks strengthen more than just your core.  The plank is an isometric movement (or anti movement) exercise.  The plank works your glutes and quads.  It works on stabilising your hips and knees.  It also targets your arms and shoulders.

The humble plank has also been proven to even lead to larger falls in blood pressure for people with hypertension than with cardio exercise.  It is a great preventer of back pain and when built up over time can bring strength and relief to current back pain.

Moving from this Winter and into the Spring term we are currently focussing on lateral movements and side planks. 


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