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2023 Goal Setting

Are you a ritual goal setter who then reaches the New Year, looks back and thinks oh dear – well that didn’t happen!? I have learnt that for me that I like to have a few weeks to reflect in the New Year, ignore the marketing hype and gather my thoughts, set a few ‘SMART’ goals for the year ahead.

Here are a few pointers for you, where perhaps setting Goals may be just the ticket to continuing you successfully on the path of a well-balanced, happy, healthy, fit way of life.

- When you chose a suitable goal(s), understand WHY you are setting it? If you have a great reason this is massively motivating at times when you lose your way. Always remember your WHY.

- Make a plan – use smaller, achievable steps to help you reach your goal (weekly, monthly, annual). Each step is an achievement.

- Tell people – your family, friends – get them involved. Having the support and accountability is huge.

- Allow a little flexibility – life happens but when possible get back to stepping forward with the plan (if in doubt, go back to your WHY).

Remember your goals don’t have to be run an Ultra marathon – although it certainly could be – here are a few ideas .. being consistent with weekly exercise, walking an average number of steps a week, doing 20 push ups, doing 5 pull ups, achieving a healthy sleep routine, getting outside for at least 15 minutes daily, entering a 10km race, being consistent with weekly mobility, learn how to SUP, surf at least once a month!

If you need any help, support and guidance with setting and smashing your fitness goals in 2023 please get in touch.

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