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Exercising Outdoors in the Summer

Unusually for us we are currently in a heat wave. Exercising outdoors in this heat for us is something we are not used to and it is important to be prepared.

If you are someone who knows you don't operate that well in the heat, consider exercising in the early-bird session or evening session where the heat is not so intense.

Make sure you stay hydrated and bring your water with you to the beach.

Wear loose fitting, light coloured clothing if possible and a cap. Ideally synthetic fabrics which are moisture wicking rather than cotton.

Listen to your body. If you feel like you are not feeling your normal self then it is wise to dial it down a notch. Your body is under greater stress than normal. Be wise and give yourself a pat on the back as you are there being active and that is the important thing.

If possible seek shade and find the breeze (breeze is easier than shade for us on the beach in the height of summer)!

When you have finisher, kick off your shoes and paddle your feet in the cool water or even take yourself for a dip.

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