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Anti-sitting Movement

Spending long periods in the same position (working, driving, travelling, breastfeeding etc) can make us feel stiff and uncomfortable as over time muscles over time muscles become shorter, tighter, and weaker, joints feel stiff and blood circulation decreases. Poor posture whilst sitting can cause poor spinal health, potentially leading to disc degeneration. Hunching over can lead to pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders and possibly headaches.

Getting up and moving more helps loosen any joint stiffness, muscle tightness and improves blood circulation to the areas that need it. Changing position often is key – stand up, sit on the floor, lie down – obviously not so easy when driving your car but after your journey try not to slump on the sofa but add in a short mobility routine to give your body some attention.

Head to my movement snacks on instagram for some pointers and look for movements that focus on where you are feeling it most. Open your chest, lengthen your spine, try sitting in a deep squat (hold onto a chair to help with this if needed), find movements that rotate your mid back, lie on your back, move your pelvis and always find time to connect and strengthen your core.

If interested in finding out more or if you would love to have an anti sitting mobility routine to follow hit the like button or send me a message.

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